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Revolutionary Hardpoint Prototypes Open For Bidding

2007-11-21 - By Svarthol

At a technology demonstration earlier this week, Duvolle Laboratories showcased a revolutionary turret and missile hardpoint to various research and development corporation representatives and members of the media. The new hardware and software combination being pioneered by Duvolle Laboratories was demonstrated live in an impressive display held at their proving ground where four battleships were lined up. Following the displays, in which the weapon systems showed an enormous potential for damage, members of the media were ushered from the demonstration. Promises have been made of an upcoming press conference in the coming days.

Later in the evening, as the showcase drew to a close, various attendees from the different empire’s leading research and development corporations were hounded with questions from the shut-out media regarding the underlying technology and the substance of the closed door session. Each as unwilling to release details of the technology itself, due to non-disclosure agreements regarding the technology that were signed before the conference, they were told that part of the closed session involved Duvolle Laboratories outlining a potential short term partnership in the closing stages of the research.

Confirming this information, Duvolle Laboratories spokesman Marreti Forbes stated that the project had now entered a bidding stage where the invited corporations would buy exclusive rights to the technology. “As it stands now, the technology is practically ready and already deployed on four test bed battleships.” he stated enthusiastically, “ So really, the bidders will not only be buying the rights to the technological specifications, but the prototype ships as well. Also, as an added incentive, we have offered the winning bidders the opportunity to participate in the fine tuning of the prototype ships and the technology to best suit their own production models. Really, this is a first in the world of ship technology development and we at Duvolle Laboratories view this as the best possible way forwards.”

When asked for clarification regarding the reason for there being four test bed battleships being displayed today, Mr Forbes refused to give any further details, stating that the coming press conference in a few days will answer these questions.