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Rising From The Ashes : The Rebirth Of FireTech

2008-03-30 - By Svarthol

Eurgrana - The fires of reformation are dying down, the embers are dwindling and the ashes are settling. FireTech have been reborn.

Formed in the year 107, FireTech have most recently been flying under the banner of the Pure. Alliance. The current trend in New Eden is for pilots and corporations to seek out alliances to join in order to gain access to territories, infrastructure and protection. FireTech have now decided to be the exception to this rule and have decided to leave Pure. and strike out on their own.

As of the twenty-eighth day of March, FireTech have relocated their Head Quarters to the Sebiestor tribe academy station located near Eurgrana VIII and have separated from Pure.

In celebration of this new beginning they are holding a recruitment drive to welcome new pilots into what BLACKoKNIGHT describes as the "Fiery Abyss."

During this event "FireTech will re-affirm its commitment to its pilots... always encouraging the core FireTech values of team participation and comradery. The corp strives to be a place where you can be assured that if you are in trouble your corpmates are already in warp to you."

This sentiment is echoed by Captain Feiko who describes FireTech in three words: "Pride, Loyalty, Brotherhood."

"We realise the only way to [find success in New Eden] is to have strength in all fields, and our strength comes from our strong bond to the welfare of fellow corpmates" he explains.

"We have very exciting times ahead, and we will accomodate almost any new recruit, and give them the time that is required to adjust to our fast paced expansion."

We have been informed that during this latest recruitment drive everyone is invited to visit Eurgrana to participate in the rebirth and join in the activities.

Pilots are invited to join the In-Capsule Communication Channel "-FT-" for further information on corporate applications and events.

CONCORD Advisory - please note Eurgrana is not a patrolled area, pilots enter the system at their own risk

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