Rolling Thunder - New Update on 22 Sep | EVE Online

Rolling Thunder - New Update on 22 Sep

2020-09-16 - By CCP Dopamine

Lightning Capsuleers,

As part of the Zenith Quadrant, the new Rolling Thunder update will go live on 22 September, providing a fresh balance pass for the new EDENCOM line of ships. There will also be changes to Gallente and Minmatar Force Auxiliaries, plus Black Ops ships.

In addition to the ship changes, there will also be daily login rewards from 25 - 27 September, including new unique SKINs for all three EDENCOM ships, as well as boosters designed to benefit Vorton Projector weapons, and free Skill Points!

By increasing the amount of damage EDENCOM ships are able to inflict, they'll be better balanced generally. In addition, the DED Loyalty Point Store offers for EDENCOM items will have their costs reduced, making them more affordable across the board.

Furthermore, all Black Ops ships are finally getting a Fuel Bay upgrade and there will be improved resistance profiles for Black Ops Battleships.

For more details and to discuss the upcoming changes, please head over to the official thread on EVE Online forums.

To complement the Rolling Thunder update, EVE Online's New Eden Store will be offering 25% off the following SKINs from 22 - 29 September, downtime to downtime:

  • Tronhadar Ink (Lif and Panther)
  • Inner Zone Vanguard (Ninazu)
  • Oasis of Faith (Redeemer)
  • Zento Isideko Combine (Widow)
  • Ruby Sungrazer (Sin)
  • Firewatch (Marshal)