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RONA Mega-Corporation becomes latest victim of corporate larceny

2005-10-27 - By Svarthol

Gotchy – a director within the Rona Corporation announced in a press release on Monday that his organisation had become the latest victim in a recent trend of corporate robbery.

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday evening, the director explained that the incident – which occurred at around 14:00 EVE Standard time on Monday had seen the removal of five to six billion ISK worth of assets and corporate funds including a large number of ships and modules as well as numerous industrial goods such as blue print copies, construction components, and an extensive mineral stockpile.

Gotchy went on to explain that Rona’s most valuable properties, a selection of Tech level one and two blueprint originals, had been locked down at the time and were fortunately spared.

When asked if he thought the theft would have a serious impact on Rona or its future, he explained that “at first I thought we were bankrupt and non existent. Now that I see the will of our membership to rebuild RONA, I call it a minor setback”. He went on to state that after the initial shock, the incident had united their members and that they were “a stronger RONA now”, citing that the corporation’s monetary funds had already been restored.

After being questioned about the identity of the thief and his possible motivations, the director explained that the individual was known to them and was a trusted member after joining the Rona Corporation six months ago; following an altercation with several Rona pilots which had resulted in his pod death and the destruction of his vessel. Astonishingly, it emerged that the thief had declared his crime to be an act of retribution for this incident.

The director went on to state that as a result of the theft their recruitment will be suspended, pending improvements to their application screening. Upon enquiring about their stance toward the thief, who is known to them as 420Duck, Gotchy declared that: “His crime is a major one. The penalty is death by firing squad. If you think a man in my position doesn’t have contacts around the universe you are wrong. He will be hunted until found”.

The Rona Corporation was founded over two years ago by its CEO and capsuleer pilot Robeyone. Initially starting out with aspirations of becoming an industrial powerhouse, Rona expanded into other areas and created a number of sister corporations such as RONA-Midgard Academy as necessity demanded.

After serving as a member of the Phoenix Alliance, Rona left after the Great Northern War to rebuild and regain its strength, finally settling in the western fringes of the EVE star cluster and forming the Imperium alliance. Admitting that the Rona Corporation was no longer the Mega Corporation it had been in the past, Gotchy explained that that the Rona members were working hard to return their organisation to its previous status.