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Salvager Discovers Remains of Minmatar Pilgrims Convoy

2008-09-03 - By Svarthol

Derelik – A deep-space salvage crew reported the discovery of a large wreckage field in the T-W4L3 constellation, possibly connected to the lost pilgrimage fleet that left Republic space weeks ago.

Ionos Skye, captain of the salvage ship “Bated Breath” reported the find to Republic Authorities upon having made safe return to Nimambal with his cargo. Intentionally vague about the exact size and location of his find, Skye would only say that the field “looked to be about a dozen medium size ships”.

Skye went on record as saying the find was “well away from most usual trade routes,” and that he found it “mostly by chance”. He was unable to positively identify any of the ships in the wreckage field as belonging to the lost fleet however.

Given the unconfirmed nature of the find, recently appointed representatives for the families of the pilgrims have declined commentary – stating only that “their clients reaffirm their hope and faith that their loved ones will return safely from their journey”.