Salvation Crusaders Encounter Hostile Ships in Heimatar; Firefight Averted by Mercenaries | EVE Online

Salvation Crusaders Encounter Hostile Ships in Heimatar; Firefight Averted by Mercenaries

2009-02-13 - By Svarthol

Auga, Heimatar – After crossing the border into Minmatar space today, the 'Salvation Crusade' fleet led by Cleric Abel Jarek encountered hostile ships and was halted by means of a warp disruptor. Ordered to turn back into Amarr space, Abel Jarek is reported to have immediately refused. The standoff was prevented from descending into deadly violence by the arrival of mercenaries apparently hired to provide security for the Salvation Crusaders in Republic space.

While full details remain unconfirmed, Abel Jarek's Salvation Crusade fleet crossed into Minmatar space today at the Kourmonen-Auga gate, leaving behind its small escort of House Sarum security vessels. On emerging from the gate, the fleet found itself confronted by a small number of frigates, apparently piloted by Republic citizens objecting to Jarek's plan to preach the Amarrian faith in Pator. One Rifter-class attack frigate is reported to have engaged a warp disruptor on Abel Jarek's own transport, its pilot ordering Abel Jarek to "take your traitors back to Amarr where they belong."

Cleric Jarek is said to have replied, "We shall not turn back, for God has shown us this path and will not thank us for turning aside from it." The response of the Rifter pilot is unknown but was rendered moot by the sudden arrival of three Cerberus-class missile cruisers accompanied by two Rook-class electronic warfare ships. Identifying themselves as mercenaries hired to ensure the safety of the Salvation Crusade fleet, the newcomers proceeded to jam the Minmatar frigates and ordered them to stand down.

Abel Jarek's fleet left the area shortly thereafter, accompanied by the mercenaries, and is understood to be en route to the Pator system. No comment has been forthcoming from Republic authorities concerning the lack of police vessels or the apparent malfunction of the Republic sentry guns emplaced at the Kourmonen gate in Auga.