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Sanmatar Inaugurated; Declares New Vision for Minmatar

2008-09-11 - By Svarthol

Pator - The ceremony to officially grant the title of "Sanmatar" to Prime Minister Maleatu Shakor took place this morning on Pator.  The Sanmatar, which is now the formal title of office, thanked the assembled dignitaries for the honor and stated that this was simply the first step towards creating a new system of government for the Minmatar people.

Sanmatar Shakor then went on to outline his vision for this new government with the formation of a council of tribal heads to replace the parliament as the decision making body for the Minmatar Republic, a return to a state where a tribe has full control over its internal affairs and a reunification of all seven Minmatar tribes under one nation.

He then went on to say "we're not a people that are easily led and the road to this end will be long and hard" but added that "in the end, we will be able to stand and say, we have a Minmatar government, ruling a Minmatar society, peopled by all tribes of the Minmatar.  That prize is worth any hardship".