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Sansha Incursion Reported in Yulai

2011-01-24 - By Svarthol

Yulai, Genesis - Earlier today a massive Sansha fleet under the direct leadership of Master Kuvakei invaded the Yulai solar system. The fleet included several super-capital vessels.

The incursion began at about 21.00 and early reports indicated that at least 1700 capsuleers rallied to the solar system in a bid to repel the attack.

A wormhole was initially spotted in close proximity of Yulai’s sun triggering the response from the bulk of the defending fleet. Only a few minutes later, wormholes were reported above the second, the fifth, and the eleventh planet, extending the fight throughout the system.

During the initial moments of the attack, Master Kuvakei addressed the pilots listening to Yulai’s local channel: “I will give you all a moment to reflect upon the weakness of your separate minds...I hope your fleet is better prepared than your voices.”

Despite the efforts of the defending capsuleers, who managed to destroy at least three super-capital vessels, Sansha forces succesfully harvested plasma and core samples from the sun itself before opening what Kuvakei defined as a “conduit” to the Promised Land solar system, where the fleet was later reported by capsuleer Horatius Caul and later engaged by local pilots led by Rodj Blake of PIE.

Clashes in Promised Land were less impressive than the ones in Yulai, mainly because of the smaller number of capsuleers that managed to reach the low security system: “We were unsuccessful due to a lack of pilots who were willing to risk their ships in low-sec space,” explained Rodj Blake.

At the time of writing, the Sansha incursion is still underway but seems to be winding down. Interstellar Correspondents will continue monitoring the situation.

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