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Sansha’s Nation Attacks Trade Routes

2011-08-11 - By Svarthol

New Caldari, The Forge – Sansha’s Nation forces have been assaulting trade routes throughout New Eden, disrupting both market hubs hubs and popular shipping routes.

Over the past two weeks, Sansha’s Nation forces have attacked multiple solar systems including Kador Prime, New Caldari and Altrinur. It is their newfound interest in trade routes, however, that is causing concern among capsuleers.

Capsuleer Ace Echo, who was present during the New Caldari attack, said “This recent rash of attacks seems to be part of Kuvakei's plan to disrupt and destroy capsuleer resistance directly. Attacking the economic base of the galaxy is a sure way to grab attention and to do damage to the core of New Eden.” He went on to speak specifically about the New Caldari incursion. “This assault, close to a gate into Jita, was successful in taking out many neutral trading ships that were unsuspecting of the dangers at the gate.” He believed that a Nation attack in Jita itself would prove too difficult for a Nation force, however, drawing swift and powerful defence.

Capsuleer Grideris, a combat pilot with an anti-sansha stance, also expressed a belief that Sansha’s Nation is focusing its attacks on trade routes. “I believe they are doing this to try and break our ability to fight them. If Sansha’s Nation were able to effectively cut these trade hubs from the rest of New Eden, it would cripple us.”

Capsuleer Hector von Hammerstorm, a self-declared Nation sympathizer, expressed a different view to Ace Echo and Grideris. “I don't think it's a full-out attack; rather, they are attacking those gates to remind capsuleers ‘We know your trades routes, and we can do something about it, if we wish.'”

Vaerah Vahrokha, a trade specalist, provided an analysis of the actions of Sansha’s Nation from an economic perspective. “Sansha's Nation attacks on trade routes are an attempt at cornering the markets and thus the progress of the affected regions. Whether this is just to disrupt and defeat defences or to convince the populations to accept Sansha's one-way deal is not known.”

Vaerah offered advice for those caught up in Sansha's Nation attacks on trade hubs and shipping lanes. “Capsuleers may rake benefits from the situation. They may join the defendants as well-paid soldiers or may form a network of smuggling agile and fleet-defended ships to breach Sansha's Nation blockades and be rewarded by the local populations.”

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