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Second Seyllin Conference To Be Held This Weekend

2010-08-13 - By Svarthol

The Second Seyllin Conference will be held this weekend, August 14th and 15th at 22:00. The conference will convene in Seyllin at the CreoDron Warehouse located at moon 8 planet 14. The Synenose Accord will be continuing their discussions of wormholes, Sleepers, and any possible connection with the recent Sansha Nation invasions.

Organized by Julianus Soter, The Synenose Accord held their first Conference on the 18th of July last year. Among many topics discussed, one that stands out most was the belief that Sleepers are particularly vulnerable to ECM attacks; the type of ECM doesn't matter, but the strength does. Armed with this unconfirmed knowledge, many capsuleers have had great success in battling Sleepers in wormhole space.

More recently, the conference's standing public channel became a rallying center for capsuleers looking for information on the Sansha incursions. The Second Seyllin Conference is expected to discuss these events, and much more.

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The First Seyllin Conference
The Second Seyllin Conference

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