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Second slaveholder found dead in Amarr

2005-08-23 - By Svarthol

A man was found murdered today under similar circumstances to last Friday’s brutal slaying of local slaveholder Rezini Lifu.

Identified as Bamadak Pareh, he was found early this morning in his hanger by cleaning staff. Security systems were inexplicably offline throughout that deck during the time the murder was thought to have occurred. Local authorities have stated that as yet no witnesses have come forward with information.

Pareh was said to be a friend of Rezini Lifu and was involved extensively in the underground Gladiator ring as an arms dealer. As was the case in Lifu's murder, Pareh's entire stock of slaves and Gladiators has been reported missing, along with a number of ammunition and weapons crates and several valuable spacecraft.

Local authorities have said that they suspect the two incidents to be related.

Though his family was unavailable for comment, a source close to the wife and two sons of Bamadak Pareh has stated that his family has expressed the strong desire to see those involved in his murder brought to justice and their property safely returned.