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Senator Vilard Garioss announces Presidential campaign

2009-10-23 - By Svarthol

Today marked the official entrance of Senator Vilard Garioss into the upcoming Federation Presidental race. Garioss made the announcement from his home system of Egghelende, surrounded by family and hundreds of supporters.

For weeks, speculation has run rampant as to the identities of candidates who would rise to challenge Jacus Roden in the historic election. Garioss is one of the first to emerge, perhaps spurred by the continued occupation of dozens of Gallente systems by Caldari militia forces. During Garioss's announcement, he pledged to end the war that has grown increasingly controversial.

"Our Federation has thrived in peacetime and advocated peaceful relations for decades. It was the folly of the previous administration and their obstinate refusal to swallow their pride and concede to moderate requests that has brought us to our current position. Our economy is falling, our people are suffering in the periphery. Continuing to be prideful and throw away lives and resources into a war that has become increasingly hopeless is the height of foolishness. We must turn the other cheek and return to the way of diplomacy that has made our Federation great. I am willing to pay a great price for peace and I believe the Federation is as well."

At 67 years of age, Vilard Garioss is one of the currently serving senators of the Nexus constellation. He has served eight consecutive terms, the first two terms as an Independent, the past six as a member of the Federal-Populist Party. Garioss has long advocated open economic policies with the other empires, as well as pushing for extended social liberties and increased public welfare projects. Prior to entering politics, Garioss served as a headmaster and professor of economics, mathematics, and psychology for the University of Caille.