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Serpentis appoints ORE administrator to Lord Admiral Position

2006-09-29 - By Svarthol

OUTER RING. In a surprising change of policy, the Serpentis Corporation have appointed a former Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) station administrator – Fazin Oorund – to the position of Lord Admiral. He is now responsible for communications between ORE and Serpentis, and will assist with decisions between the executive boards of both Corporations for their combined strategic benefit.

This appointment follows the Serpentis' hostile takeover of ORE, after Mordu's Legion had departed the region, taking a majority of their defence fleet with them roughly 5 months ago. The takeover saw the murder of the previous station administrator in 4C-B7X, who is commonly believed to have deactivated the defence grid and allowed the Serpentis to stage a relatively bloodless takeover of the station; and subsequently all other ORE stations after obtaining the security override codes.

The Serpentis takeover was widely unpopular amongst ORE workers, and there were subsequently many strikes and resignations throughout ORE staff with a large number leaving returning to the central systems to find other work. Despite these difficulties, Fazin Oorund – having been appointed Station Administrator after the murder of his predecessor – was able to start negotiations with Admiral Brion, the head of the Serpentis fleet that had staged the takeover.

Within three months the negotiations between Fazin Oorund and Admiral Brion had brought the region under control, and in the last month ORE has begun turning a profit and its operations in Outer Ring are growing again. Fazin Oorund is also a very popular figure within ORE due to his influence and profit making strategies. His popularity is also presumed to be the reason behind his sudden promotion into Serpentis.

Lord Admiral Fazin Oorund is being joined by Serpentis advisor Admiral Alurath, who will be co-ordinating all static security forces within Outer Ring. Admiral Brion will stay in command of the Serpentis Expeditionary Fleet, which will continue to operate within Outer Ring.