Serpentis Patrol Destroyed: Celestial Apocalypse and Xelas Alliance accused of failing to protect Allies. | EVE Online

Serpentis Patrol Destroyed: Celestial Apocalypse and Xelas Alliance accused of failing to protect Allies.

2005-12-13 - By Svarthol

At 23:23 on Sunday night YZ-LQL was buzzing with com chatter. Admiral Rembran of the Serpentis Corporation had entered the system with a small group of support ships on a “routine” patrol. The Admiral, flying a Moros dreadnought, conveyed the patrol's intentions in the local communication system. Unfortunately Admiral Rembran had entered a system where Xelas had been under heavy attack by a coalition of several forces including: Vertigo Coalition, Fountain Alliance, and Ex-VC and Ex-FA corporations. At first the only exchanges were that of expletives and accusations about the Admiral’s undergarments.

However, when the patrol began to head back towards Serpentis Prime, a verbal exchange took place between the Admiral and anais, a pilot of Vertigo Coalition, which resulted in shots being fired at the dreadnought. The patrol responded in kind and so began the long battle. The Admiral's support craft were quickly destroyed, leaving the Moros alone and facing a force of between 30 and 40 ships. Despite the overwhelming numbers Admiral Rembran was the superior in fire power and defensive capabilities. The multi-alliance force could not easily overcome the Admiral's armour tank.

As the attackers sent a call for reinforcements, Admiral Rembran requested for help from Celestial Apocalypse, a recent friend of the Serpentis faction. “CELES, if you wish to be in our good graces, please help me out now,” called out the Admiral. Celes explained their position during the battle:

“We were part of VC until about a month ago, we left on good terms. We try to stay independent if possible at the moment, but we will work with VC and FA to attack mutual enemies which would include BOB and Xelas… from debriefings from Celes pilots, Celes offered aid to Serpentis to kill the Xelas scum who have invaded their space… as far as I’m aware the attack on the Serpentis Moros was initiated by VC and FA whom some Celes pilots were in gang with… there was confusion and it was not clear if FA and VC attacked or were shot at first…. Celes defended gang members when they came under attack from Serpentis,”- Shadowthrone CEO Celes

The battle raged on until the fuel that ran the Dreadnought’s reinforced mode began to run dry. Admiral Rembran made an attempt to flee, warping to the third planet in the system followed by the fifth. It was there that his luck ran out. The fleet caught up with him and scrambled his warp drive. Helpless, the dreadnought was pounded on until the structure finally gave out, ending the battle with a huge explosion.

The victory over Admiral Rembran came at a cost. Official reports claimed the following losses: 1 Celestis, 1 Typhoon, 1 Armageddon, 1 Manticore, 1 Cormorant and 1 Crow by the VC/FA attack force. Special recognition went to koth fluff for commanding the mission. And to the following corporations:

Elite Academy



Celestial Apocalypse

Cold Fusion Inc



Serpentis officials had this to say on the matter:

“The combat here will be repaid ten times over… Those who attacked me will find themselves staring down the barrel of a gun… This is only the beginning.” – Admiral Rembran

Last night Serpentis observed a battle taking place in order to decide which group they should continue to be friends with and reprieve for the events of Sunday. VC/FA forces were victorious over Xelas Alliance forces. This now means that Serpentis have temporarily forgiven the attack and will work with VC/FA forces to destroy the Xelas Alliance ... for now.