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Shakor is named as presidential candidate, elections prepared.

2008-06-19 - By Svarthol

Pator – Brutor Party Leader and Tribe Chief Wkumi Pol today announced that he would step aside as party leader to allow Maleatu Shakor to enter his bid for the premiership in the upcoming elections. In an address to the Republic Parliament, Wkumi Pol stated that "the Minmatar people need a leader who can lead us away from the wreckage of democracy and guide us through dangerous times". Mr. Pol further ensured that Mr. Shakor "has the full support and endorsement of the Brutor Tribe" for the election.

All Republic parliament heads soon followed suit, declaring unity in the cause for Maleatu Shakor’s premiership. Sebiestor Party Chief of Staff Nobor Gaban, speaking on behalf of the incumbent Karin Midular, stated that his tribe was "committed to the betterment of the Minmatar people", also adding that no candidate would be submitted to compete with Shakor for the premiership.

The Minmatar Republic, still reeling from the events which saw the liberation of millions of slaves in the Amarr Empire at the cost of nearly as many lives, is making headway on preparation for the elections. While complying lawfully with the democratic process, political analysts note that these measures could mark the beginning of a complete transformation of the Republic as it is known today.