Ship database screenshot contest | EVE Online

Ship database screenshot contest

2003-11-14 - By CCP Hellmar

As some of you have heard we are working on major overhaul of the EVE web sites. A part of that will be a full ship database, that is containing all the ships available to players in EVE at this time.

Now to populate this new database we are looking to you, the community. If you submit a player screenshot with the following name convention sd_shiptype_nametocredit.jpg (example sd_thorax_hellmar.jpg) your screen will enter the competition. If we use your screenshot, we will add your name to it e.g. "screenshot provided by hellmar".

Use the existing screens in the ship database as a guideline for the motives we are looking for. All screens should be without user interface, press ctrl-f9 to toggle the UI.

Note that when you post a screenshot we process it and give it a new name for public viewing. We however keep the originals and those that adhere to the naming convention are the ones we will select from. If you just want to submit a regular screen as usual there is no change in that process.