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‘Ship Graveyard’ manager arrested under Treason law

2008-04-18 - By Svarthol

Placid – More embarrassment was poured on the Federation Navy after it was revealed that a manager of one of the ‘Ship Graveyards’ has been arrested and charged under Treason laws.

Gungoth Hafertte, an employee of Lockdown Security Services, was taken into custody by the Federal Intelligence Office as part of their investigation into the criminal gangs operating in Federation space. It is alleged that during his tenure as manager of a Ship Graveyard, almost twenty-six billion ISK worth of equipment belonging to the Federation Navy has gone missing, and is now unaccounted for.

Head of Internal Security for the Federation Navy, Destaseke Zertavenne, made the following statement at a hastily convened press conference in Algogille. “We have arrested a Vherokior male during our ongoing investigation. He was the Security Manager at one of our Ship Graveyards in Placid. He has been charged with Treason, after evidence has shown he was selling information to criminal gangs associated with the Guristas.” Zertavenne declined to comment on what exactly was sold, which would suggest that whatever the information was, it was very sensitive indeed.

It is the first time anyone has been charged under the Treason law since a Senator was caught selling deployment schedules and force sizes of the Federation Navy to an Amarrian spy several decades ago. It is also the first time a person not actually born in the Federation has been charged under the Treason laws. Hafertte, originally from Meirakulf, moved to the Federation fourteen years ago, and became a full citizen less than five years ago.

Lockdown Security Services are employed by the Federation Navy to provide security in six different locations for decommissioned ships. The Corporation secured a multi-billion ISK contract last June, and over seven thousand people, mostly Minmatar immigrants, are in their employ. The Corporation is part owned by Spacelane Patrol and the Republic Security Services. There have been calls in the Senate for the Ship Graveyard security contracts to be reviewed, and maybe even brought in-house to prevent this kind of incident happening again.