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Ship-troduction: The Caldari Naga

2011-11-04 - By CCP Guard

Last but certainly not least in the line of ships en route to TQ in the upcoming Winter Expansion, is the Caldari Naga.

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The Naga is based on David L‘s „Caldari battleship“ design, from the Create a Starship contest, which has now been repurposed for battlecruiser duty.

In the earthly cultures of old, „Nāga“ referred to „the great snake“ which is fitting as the Caldari Naga can deliver a deadly bite up close, or spit death from afar.

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Equally capable of fitting large torpedo launchers,  large rail guns or even blasters, the Naga is easily the most flexible weapons platform of the four new battlecruisers and sure to be sported by Caldari loyalists in their battle against hedonists and rebels.

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Military experts are calling the Naga „a Rokh from afar - a Raven up close“...but they might want to skip namecalling altogether because the Naga has entered warp and will soon be unleashing hell in a system near you.


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