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Skirmish In Old Man Star

2008-06-15 - By Svarthol

Outnumbered almost three to one, a Federal Defence Union fleet of twenty five pilots engaged a State Protectorate fleet in the Old Man Star system.

Aaron Mirrorsaver's fleet was assembling in Nisuwa when communications were relayed concerning an inbound Protectorate fleet of at least sixty pilots. Rather than engage the fleet with the fourteen or fifteen pilots at hand, Mirrorsaver pulled the fleet back to Old Man Star and called for reinforcements.

By the time the Protectorate fleet reached Old Man Star, Mirrorsaver's fleet numbered no more than twenty five pilots. Despite the overwhelming odds, our pilots immediately attacked the invaders and took out at least four enemy vessels before being pushed back.

Further fighting was denied us as the Protectorate fleet turned tail and headed back towards Nisuwa.