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Spaceship Murder Notifications

2012-04-25 - By CCP Punkturis

(The title of this devblog actually originated with CSM Chair Seleene)

As you all know Team Super Friends has been working on the War Mechanics for Inferno. Part of that was to make a War Report as you have seen in this dev blog by CCP SoniClover. Clicking on a kill there and having the old blob of text killmail pop up made us a little bit sad. Super Friends don't like being sad so we decided to be awesome instead and give the killmails a facelift!

Besbin came up with the idea of calling killmails Kill Reports, which made me think "what a great idea, why didn't I come up with it myself?". It goes better with the War Report name and the killmails aren't mails anymore so that can be confusing too.

So from now on the killmails will be called Kill Reports; spread the word everybody!

As you can see in the screenshot below we decided to not reinvent the wheel but instead base our design on the design of various killboards roaming around the internet. Note that the "Total Loss" value should reflect actual market prices when this feature hits Tranquility.

Click to enlarge

We tried to make the Kill Reports as interactive as we could so all of the pictures will open an info window on click and so will the bolded text links. The items in the fitting and content will all have a right click menu so you can show info on them, view market details or find in contracts. Dropped items are marked with a green background. Destroyed ones will just have the default background color.

Just to be cute, we added this nice little "Steal Save Fitting" feature that may come in handy when you want to cherish a nice fitting for life, or to mock someone later if it's a bad one.

This is still work in progress so note that the final version might not look exactly like this. We would love to get your feedback and ideas on how to make the Kill Reports even better. You will be able to test them yourselves when Inferno is deployed to Duality for testing (soon™), but until then you can base your feedback on what you see here.

Because I know you guys too well then I figured the one question you all want to ask is "Will we still be able to copy the kill information?" The answer is: "YES the Copy Kill Information is still available, unchanged" – and additionally the option will be available in the settings menu in the top left corner.

CCP Punkturis for Team Super Friends

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