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Speculation grows over Placid market orders

2005-09-09 - By Svarthol

Following last weeks reports of unusual buy orders in the Placid region, bars and other gathering places popular with merchants in key stations along the regions trade routes have been awash with rumours concerning the motivations of Jevako Niedboux, the man at the centre of these extraordinary dealings.

Gossip and conjecture between traders increased today when Niedboux updated his market buy orders requesting further volumes of small arms and Caldari officer insignias, as well as placing several new orders for marines numbering in their thousands and offering significant sums of money to those willing to transport these soldiers of fortune into the Placid region.

These latest additions have lent some modicum of credibility to the speculations that the former small time dealer is receiving considerable outside funding for these new and wholly uncharacteristic business practices.

Far wilder suggestions have been put forward that Niedboux may be constructing a private army on behalf of his supposed benefactor for some as yet unknown purpose; though for now at least, few have subscribed to this rampant rumour and hearsay.

Over the past week several sightings have also been reported of increased activity by Caldari customs agents along the State’s borders closest to the Placid region; though one source within the Caldari Navy was quick to point out that there was no connection between these strange happenings and the routine reinforcement of customs agents and navy personnel along Caldari borders, citing that it was “merely coincidence”.

Reacting to this news, several Caldari loyalist corporations and individuals have also come forward on the Gal-net communications network and offered a substantial bounty for the proven death of Jevako Niedboux. Apparently enraged that Niedboux's request for Caldari navy insignias would incite violence against navy personnel from unscrupulous and opportunistic individuals. Their combined offer of over twenty million ISK for the head of the dealer has so far met with mixed responses of support and objective criticism from members of both empires.

You can read the bounty offers here