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Stain Empire: Cease of Hostilities

2005-01-06 - By Svarthol

The following is an unedited press release from the Stain Empire.

From: HQ Stain Empire Felix Legion


Fellow Stain Citizens

The path, that lies behind our great nation is long. After one and a half years of war, of fighting, killing and dying, it is full of tears and blood. The hostility between us and the Curse Alliance came out of aversion and mistrust from a small number of corporations. But during our war the respect for each others has grown. Both armies fought brave with ferocity and sacrifice for their fellows and homeland. And thats what we have in common now. We are reaching the end of this path.

Faceing an overwhelming opposing force and serious internal struggles the CA War Councilor Chowdown decided to step forward, aware that he was running the risk of getting abused by his own people, and asked for an end of all hostilities, support for securing his homeland and support for rebuilding his nation. He merits nothing but respect for it.

It is up to all of us now, to break new ground. Together we will defend our common bigger homeland as brothers and together we will master all upcoming challenges.

Unfortunately the time of peace for all mankind hasn’t come yet. Old enemies are still there. New threats are arising at our borders. We should not worry about. The time of fear has come for them now. Our Admirals and Generals are working on plans to end the menaces and to conquer new territories. They know, that they can trust on the bravest and proudest warriors, ever seen.

The war is over now, countless lifes were lost. The fallen shall be remembered as the Emperors finest forever.

Razzil, Admiral of the Felix Legion Stain Empire