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Starkmanir Religious Leader Killed In Violent Riot

2010-09-28 - By Svarthol

Abudban - A Brutor Tribe-owned Minmatar refugee settlement in Abudban endured a violent riot last night, during which visiting Starkmanir Sage Uldas Dreeter was killed by anti-theists who were protesting his public services. The Brutor Tribe has deployed a number of riot police units to the refugee outpost and is in the process of relaying the different groups to segregated habitation modules.

As a cleric of the Amarr faith, Uldas Dreeter had been touring the Republic for several months. He had visited many refugee communities and was one of the most widely known religious figures in the Starkmanir tribe. His visit to Abudban yesterday was one of the last he had scheduled on his tour, after which he would have returned to his home on Rens III. Amarrian faithful throughout the Republic gave Dreeter a moment of silence out of respect for his work. 

"He was one of our best bets for uniting the tribe," said Fredivar Parch, a member of Dreeter's tour staff.

Culturally motivated violence toward Minmatar adhering to the Amarr faith continues to ravage refugee settlements in the region.The Brutor Tribe has stated it will only implement complete segregation in the most extreme cases, calling the current process "a method of acclimatization." The Sisters of EVE have decried the statement, saying it implies the Republic is trying to punish or eradicate faithful Minmatar. The Brutor Tribe has fiercely denied this accusation, instead blaming government-defined guidelines on refugee processing.