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State Expresses Approval of Pod Pilot Loyalists

2005-02-22 - By Svarthol

In a statement late last afternoon, Chief Executive Panel Press Secretary Kisiras Haakenen avowed the Caldari State’s support for the “Call for Unity” initiative.

The initative, an endeavour introduced by Drink Starsi™ Relations Coordinator and acting CEO Amin, calls for pod pilot corporations loyal to the Caldari State to unite under the flag of an officially CONCORD-sanctioned alliance. Haakenen called the move a “much-needed sign that in these trying times of ever-shifting allegiance and pan-galactic puppy politics, there are still those able to hold to the values that have made our great nation what it is.”

Haakenen furthermore urged all loyalist Caldari corporations to get in touch with Drink Starsi™, describing the renowned soft drink company as “one of the last true bastions of Caldari spirit.”

According to a statement released by Drink Starsi Security officer Carmen Priano, representatives from pod pilot corporations Dead by Dawn, Union Aerospace and the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve have already entered into confidential discussions on policy points.

Drink Starsi™ are primarily known for their soft drink Starsi™, a breakaway hit in the Caldari and Khanid marketplaces since being introduced just over a year ago as an alternative to Gallente soft drink giant Quafe’s all-pervasive flagship product. Despite persistent rumours to the contrary, Drink Starsi™ officials have, throughout the company’s existence, steadfastly denied any clandestine involvement with acts of anti-Gallente propaganda and sabotage.