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Station Vacancies on the Rise at Pashanai Blast Site

2010-03-29 - By Svarthol

Pashanai - Commercial and residential station vacancies have risen sharply since the Bloody Hands of Matar attack on the Ministry of War Bureau Offices station at Pashani III. Businesses across the system continue to cancel rental agreements, while some homes have simply been abandoned.

Kadeyn Osirani, a rental agent at the local Amarr Certified News Development Studio, said several reasons, from changing plans to "unsafe conditions," have been given for the termination. The development studio orbits less than 550 kilometers from the site of the attack and has been the location hardest hit by the exodus of tenants thus far.

"People are frightened," Kadeyn explained. "They feel this kind of thing shouldn't have been allowed to happen, not again. The attack was a harsh reminder of Malkalen and Yulai."

One renter, who refused to identify himself to The Scope, said he was born on the station and had never considered leaving it until now. "You don't know where or when the next attack might be," he said.

Analysts across Pashanai agree that this trend will reverse itself in due course and noted that the majority of residents are staying put, though stations will experience the effects of lost rental revenue for some time.