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Stellar Cartography Expedition Results To Be Published

2008-02-13 - By Svarthol

Former ISS director, Serenity Steele, is due to release a hard copy of the results of her stellar cartography expeditions. This cartographic journal of the expedition will contain details of every region of the known universe. It is presented in a format designed for capsuleers to use as they pilot their spacecraft, whether they are in fleet formation or on solo roaming.

The book itself is intended by Steele to reduce the prevalence of so called "smack talk" on the intergalactic network relating to territory ownership and disputes. It is expected is will be available for capsuleers to purchase soon via the GalNet.

Steele’s map book will allow pilots and GalNet observers to monitor the strength and prevalence of a given alliance at a single glance, as well as to investigate each of the other statistics currently available in the pilots' navigation console.

With a comprehensive translation from a ship-fitted 3D display unit to a portable 2D display, the map book provides a handy tool for any pilot that chooses to purchase one and further aids the ability of capsuleers to circumnavigate space safely and efficiently.

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