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Stranded Capsuleer Offers One Billion ISK Reward For Rescue

2009-08-13 - By Svarthol

J124949, Uncharted Space - A one billion ISK reward has been offered by capsuleer HONDAMAN to anyone able to rescue him from within a wormhole system. HONDAMAN is flying a valuable Tengu class cruiser and is stuck within a system ranked as 'extremely dangerous'.

"My current position is J124949 Solar System which is a class 5 ranked wormhole system. I am flying a well tanked Tengu without an advanced scanning facility to scan down Wormholes... I have tried to contact some of the numerous wormhole rescue services but the contact to the rest of the universe seems to be disturbed by local phaenomenas," said HONDAMAN.

According to Laurentius Bora, CEO of the corporation HONDAMAN works for, the accident occured at the end of a corporate mining operation: "the wormhole was about to collapse, so we decided to get the valuable gas convoy through first," explained Laurentius, adding that the wormhole closed just after the last hauler had gone through, leaving HONDAMAN stranded.

Laurentius Bora confirmed that his corporation will ensure the reward to whoever pinpoints HONDAMAN's position first: "the one billion ISK has been transferred to a separate wallet... the rescuer will get paid as soon as HONDAMAN reaches safe space.... we want him back alive and safe!"

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