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Summertime snow continues to fall in the State.

2007-05-14 - By Svarthol

Suspicions continue to rise in the interstellar community, following a new round of accusations between the warring nations; this time voiced by concerned citizens directly to capsuleer populations in two systems. Startling new claims were made, fuelling further tension and adding more confusion to the already complex international situation.

Last Tuesday evening, pilots in the Perimeter and Luminaire systems were hailed over local comms by citizens of their respective nations, each of them pressing the case that underhanded dealings were happening inside their own borders and abroad. In a two-part in-depth review, the Interstellar Correspondents will report on these events and their wider implications.

In Perimeter was Varnen Maan; an ex-Nugoeihuvi Corporation agent who spent his early life working inside their Internal Security department some 15 years ago. Mr. Maan was adamant that the Caldari State had been the target of both Gallente Federation and recently, Minmatar Republic espionage and sabotage. Following his outburst, the Interstellar Correspondents were forwarded the communication logs.

“Damnable Federation and Republic, what are they trying to do to our State?” asked Maan. Pilots immediately questioned the comments. Maan followed up almost instantly with claims that “Eifyr & Co, and Chemal Tech, [are] evicting one of our great MegaCorp’s research POS from Minmatar space.” * He would not elaborate on the nature of the program, however his indignation at the removal of the starbase seems to suggest that the research being undertaken was entirely legal.

His accusation sheds new light on the recent meetings between the two Corporations. Given his past history and possible remaining ties within NOH and others in the intelligence community, many believe he may be right. When questioned further on the remarks, Maan quickly diverted the conversation back to the events of almost eight months ago in Kassigainen, stating: “this is proof enough that the Republic is scheming against us!”

Jude Kopenhagen, a known supporter of the Caldari, replied to Maan declaring: “Kalaakiota is one of the companies that look after its people the best… I don't think we are blaming, yet, but when you notice more then a few flakes of snow during summer, you have to start wondering.” His comments echoed that of many in recent times, who despite still supporting the State, have come to question the rising allegations. Others have refused to acknowledge the problems are as severe as some are claiming and like Maan, refute the reactions. Maan himself would have none of Mr. Kopenhagen’s remarks, once again returning to earlier events when he stated: “Guerillas! Masked! All the Minmatar spies in the Mercantile Club. They paid hoodlums to start rioting on the surface and to target KK installations.” His remarks sparked even more speculation, with some State citizens demanding investigations into the Mercantile Club and others speculating they are likely already underway.

Whilst the tensions between the Federation and State are no great surprise, many have been shocked to learn of possible Republic involvement. Some have suggested that such involvement must have been sparked by something, and remain dubious about recent actions by the Chief Executive Panel and other State authorities over the last months.

When it comes to matters such as the defection of leading Kalaakiota researcher Hirento Autinen, many have now dismissed the claims of Kalaakiota Corporation ruthlessness, pointing to new information provided by Maan that stated Autinen was working on a new sensor system, one capable of scanning cloaked vessels. Coming off the heels of recent rumours surrounding Innovaatio Varustukset’s cloaking research programs, many have drawn the conclusion that it was the lure of ISK from the Federation that was responsible for the scientist’s defection. Foreign parties would likely pay a far higher price for the technology, in order to avoid a State monopoly in the field. Despite this new information, however, many remain uncertain or downright suspicious of the CEP, even questioning Maan himself and his sources, which he refused to reveal.

Ever since Kassigainen, there has been growing momentum in anti-State sentiment and a concomitant rise in suspicion. An increasing number of disillusioned citizens and onlookers have come to question the legitimacy of the State’s actions against dissenters as well as in other more recent matters, where the exact nature of the research being undertaken in State space is unknown. These latest allegations have brought even more pressure on the State to respond, with many pointing to the notable silence coming from authorities as further evidence of impropriety.

Not all see it that way however. In an interview with the Interstellar Correspondents, Maro Aimali, a political analyst who works as a freelance consultant for various State firms outlined his own perspective and one shared by just as many others. Excerpts from the interview follow:

“Well of course they’re silent, why is this such a surprise to some people? The second you give these lunatics a moment of publicity or acknowledgement, it’s like holding a megaphone to their mouths. The moment the Chief Executive Panel says so much as ‘We’re looking into this’ they’d have an even larger problem on their hands. Those who know the facts and don’t buy into this rabid sensationalism know two things. Firstly; that your average citizen is not only looked after, but happy with their lot, and secondly; that any allegations are undoubtedly being investigated.

How could it possibly be otherwise? Where would our society be if we hadn’t dealt with these sorts of situations appropriately in the past? Where would our State be if these problems were really as bad as these cheap hacks are claiming? The Federation should watch its own problems. When they have these sorts of problems, they stall with public condemnation, overly-democratic bureaucracy that hinders proper investigation and end up providing little if any actual results. That’s simply not how business is done in the State; we act, we don’t speak and that’s really all there is to it.”

When questioned on the allegations made by Mr. Maan that Eifyr & Co. and Chemal Tech are conspiring to remove a Caldari research starbase in Republic space, Mr. Aimali stated:

“Well clearly this is something being looked into, again, I just can’t imagine otherwise. We can’t be certain of anything right now, of course, but it goes without saying that the two corporations have earned their suspicion. I should also state that the nature of Corporate research programs has always been classified, why people expect transparency now, in matters most likely of national security or extremely important business…it is just beyond me.

Aimali added: “These people are scoring cheap political points or worse yet, trying to compromise the State and its corporations by goading them into a reply. Cheap tricks that they’re perceptive enough to see right through, of course, but unfortunately not everyone will and so some mud is going to stick. These people, they represent themselves and their own insidious agenda only, not the billions of content citizens who wouldn’t trade their lot in the State for anything. These people compromise the State, they don’t help it. To say otherwise is absurd.”

Many have supported Mr. Aimali’s remarks. An unofficial CEP source who wished to remain anonymous labeled him as a “voice of reason” in these troubling times for the State.