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T.R.I.A.D Corporation Agents Ready to Offer Missions

2008-04-09 - By Svarthol

A large number of pod pilots make their living running missions for corporate agents. Until now, agents could only be found at Empire run facilities or “mega” corporation stations.

Although we strongly suggest using properly licensed and regulated agents to run missions, private agents may offer some variety to pod pilots looking for a change. Pod pilots should use their best judgment and caution when accepting missions from non licensed agents.

After almost two years in development, the Teonusude Republic Independent Agency Division has established the most advanced privately run agent system in New Eden. T.R.I.A.D has now hired enough agents, and is ready to start assigning missions to interested pod pilots in or near Matari held space in the Minmitar Republic. As these agents are located in a region that holds little love for the Amarr Empire, Amarrians are strongly discouraged from attempting to make contact there. T.R.I.A.D is a member of the Ushra’Khan alliance, so pod pilots with poor standings to Ushra’Khan should also avoid the region.

DeT Resprox, head of T.R.I.A.D operations explains: “T.R.I.A.D saw a need to keep the Matari sovereignty markets thriving, in particular those of Molden Heath. Much of the Courier and Supply/Order missions are based within Matari regions. This is so that the Matari people have an Agency to work for in Matari space and we are able to produce goods to supply the market in those regions as missions are completed. In the Combat/Campaigns sense… you can expect possible combat campaigns requiring you to shoot any Amarrian on sight in an Amarrian low security system as an example, not just missions geared towards our own Alliance goals. The aim is for the Agency to pan out missions based on events happening in New Eden as well as T.R.I.A.D’s stances in regards to our own faction standings, and our Alliance goals/standings. We are very much pro-Minmatar with a great hatred for the Amarrian race.”

Missions are broken down into three basic categories: Industrial Missions, Combat Missions, and Campaign Missions. Some missions, such as tower refueling and equipment building, are only available to corporation and alliance members.

Industrial Missions generally involve moving minerals or ships to different locations. Extensive use of the current Contract system is used to facilitate the transfers as well as to keep accurate logs.

For Combat Missions, killmails and/or corpses must be presented to the Agency for payment on the mission contract. Escort missions are triggered when an industrial mission runner chooses to use an escort in low security space.

Campaign missions are only available to T.R.I.A.D corporation members, alliance members, and pod pilots with a standing of 0.5 or higher with T.R.I.A.D. Campaigns include combat sweeps of low security areas, recon missions into hostile areas, and even group mining missions.

Much like traditional agents, T.R.I.A.D also maintains a Bounty Office (corpse delivery required for payments) as well as a Loyalty Store.

As the Agency grows, more missions are sure to become available. Current Agency limitations prevent full access to the agent communications via in-pod means. Please visit their GalNet portal triad-eve.net for more information and details on joining.

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