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T.R.I.A.D. Mission System Celebrates Third Year

2010-10-29 - By Svarthol

T.R.I.A.D Celebrates its third year of offering private agents and campaigns to the capsuleers of New Eden.

T.R.I.A.D began development in YC108 and offers a multitude of mission types for capsuleers. Missions are added regularly to broaden the appeal of this type of agency.

Det Resprox, CEO of T.R.I.A.D explained the Campaigns that are available within the corporation, "Once a pilot accepts a 'Campaign', he becomes its fleet commander and other agency pilots can join the mission, which could take hours or days to complete depending on the opposition fielded." T.R.I.A.D have recently ended a campaign against the Amarr empire.

A drawback of T.R.I.A.D is that they are not officially licensed, and therefore some combat mission involved with T.R.I.A.D could result in criminal flagging from CONCORD.

T.R.I.A.D is open to every capsuleer, and therefore anyone interested in joining should contact T.R.I.A.D directly at their home system at Teonusude III - Moon 6 - Trust Partners Trading Post.

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