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Testing the new TQ Tech III Hardware with Solace

2015-12-03 - By CCP Logibro

Hello testing capsuleers, new and old, subbed and un-subbed.

Ever dream of flying an Imperial Apocalypse? How about self-destructing 50 Gold magnates?

Well, now you can! Simply show up for the Ops Super Special Mega Shiny Solace Hardware Fun Time Event happening tomorrow, Dec 4th starting at 15:00 UTC! Don’t worry too much if you miss this one as we plan on having a second event once we move all the hardware to the new data center in London, sometime in January. To participate, grab the new beta launcher, click the checkbox in the launcher settings for Solace and change your server to Solace from the drop down menu.

While we were not able to get you into Dev Ships, we have been able to work it so everything else is on the table. Or in this case, IN the table, ha! Get it? A table, a DB table! Cause you know, databases! sigh Damn it Jim, I’m a DBA not a content writer! (Ed note: we do not endorse bad DBA jokes). Wait, where was I? Oh yea, Guardian Vexors? 100 ISK. Old alliance tournament ships such as the Mimir? 100 ISK. This is THE place to be!

Now just to be clear, the goal of this first ever OSSMSSHFTE isn’t necessarily a stress test of the hardware. But rather just a fun event where we can feel good about having a cluster up and running on the new hardware. While we ARE curious how it behaves, we’re more interested in just having virtual spaceships exploding in all their pixely glory to celebrate the coming of Tranquility Tech III.

So with that said, Ops is looking forward to not only flying with you, but also deleting your accounts (on the Solace server) if you do bad things like buying out the market of all items or really anything else that that strikes us as ‘wrong’ or 'unbecoming of a good test server citizen'. Additionally, we have not requested any support from QA or CS for this; so if things don’t work for you, we’re sorry but you’re basically out of luck. Please also do not file any tickets or bug reports based on anything you experience on Solace during this test.

One last thing: We have altered the deal and hacked the Gibson to re-activate every account that has subscribed at any point since 2014.01.01! So tell everyone! Just be aware that if you can’t remember your password from back then, we have no way to help you and again, you’ll be sadly out of luck.

We look forward to seeing you all there!


CCP DeNormalized and all the Ops guys!