The Alliance Tournament XVI Grand Finals Kick Off Today! | EVE Online

The Alliance Tournament XVI Grand Finals Kick Off Today!

2018-08-18 - By CCP Falcon

Here we are!

Day seven, and with the dreams of thousands of capsuleers scattered to the cosmic wind, only three teams remain.

Will we see another HYDRA / VYDRA final, or will Triumvirate smash the status quo and propel themselves to the Grand Final of Alliance Tournament XVI?

There's everything to play for, and with just a maximum of seven matches left before we find out who will have their names added to the Alliance Tournament Cup this year, the predictions begin!

Broadcasted live across the stars by our friends at Plus 10 Gaming from their studio in the UK, and refereed from CCP headquarters in Iceland, the Grand Finals begin in just a few hours.

Join us live this afternoon starting at 14:45 UTC for more of Alliance Tournament XVI.

More information on the tournament, the prizes, the brackets and the participants can be found in this Dev Blog.

Also remember to make your predictions again for the chance to win 500 PLEX, as our last three teams return to fight it out for fame and glory.