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The Bank Of Eve Opens In A Difficult Market

2010-08-09 - By Svarthol

Conoban, Kor-Azor - The Bank Of Eve [EOBT] has opened for business, aiming to bring trust to New Eden where other banks have had past difficulty.

Blastyoazz666, a founding member of the bank believes that it has the potential be the best in New Eden. He claimed that capsuleers "always look for more ISK", and there is no better way than by "getting a loan". He also stated that he believes EOBT will be successful as they have "watched the rest fail", and have learned from those mistakes by other banks.

He believes that to succeed they need to earn the trust of the capsuleers that will be banking with them and need to put in the work: "We are dedicating all of our time to this idea. We have spreadsheets made for quick look ups on members."

Blastyoazz666 further explained that confidence will be achieved by asking customers to "put up collateral" and that they already have some who wish to "try us out and see how we do".

EOBT has taken four months of planning and they believe they are ready for anything, even when hiring, as they plan to do "background checks" on all new staff which includes talking to all their past corporations.

Well known and trusted capsuleer, Chribba, gave a short statement saying that in his belief the customer needs to have "trust and faith" that the bank will take good care of their money. The bank would also need to communicate as failing to do so would make trust in the venture "decrease" in Chribba's opinion.

So far capsuleers are remaining skeptical, with RAW23 stating: "You need to put in some time and effort convincing [capsuleers] that you can be trusted and the way to do this is to start small and then grow." Another, Phoebe Halliwell, said: "The fact that you only have ten billion [ISK] between all the involved owners of the bank doesn't exactly inspire confidence in your ISK making abilities."

As they are now open for business, capsuleers may be reminded of the previous failings of EBANK and the current rebuilding process that they are undergoing.

With the bank preparing for its opening, capsuleers will have to decide not only if it delivers the trust it promises to customers, but also if it has the potential to last.

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