The Circle is Complete - Voting Finished for True Stories | EVE Online

The Circle is Complete - Voting Finished for True Stories

2013-06-05 - By CCP t0rfifrans

Voting has now closed on True Stories and we have the winners. In total, 767 stories were submitted.

As stated before, the 1st-prize winner will receive a decade's subscription to EVE as well as a free trip to Iceland for two to meet with CCP devs. As fate would have it, this particular winner actually has met a few devs before and seen some of Iceland.

Second prize receives a decade's subscription as well, with third to fifth places receiving a year's subscription.

  1. The Mittani Sends His Regards: Disbanding Band of Brothers by The Mittani
  2. A Ship Which Shaped History by xttz
  3. Guiding Hand Social Club's UQS contract, or The Heist where Mirial and Ubiqua Seraph have a bad day by Tyrrax Thorrk
  4. Player Owned Surprise by Lord Maldoror
  5. Titan Madness - The Lord Rahvin Story by transcom caldari

However, these five stories are far from being the only stories worth reading. There are jewels there in between that deserve more praise, we think, and some very funny ones as well. We highly encourage you to browse through the site, either by flipping page by page from the top stories page, or by browsing stories by tags, checking out what happened in your favorite region, with your favorite or not-so-favorite alliances, etc.

Remember, even if you can‘t vote for stories anymore, you can Facebook-like them, tweet them and Google Plus them to share with friends and followers.

This has been a great effort and we are very thankful to everyone that participated: the people who wrote the stories, the people who participated in the lively discussion on the points and comments, and of course those who voted.

We will want to do this again at some point, perhaps at the end of the year. The format and process might be a little different, since we want to take the lessons from this iteration – what went well and what could have gone better – and apply them to the next one. We would be grateful for comments and constructive criticism on how this could be better arranged, so that we can continue to document the amazing history of New Eden for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

Torfi Frans
Creative Director, EVE IP development