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The CSM - What do CCP think of them?

2011-03-19 - By CCP Diagoras

With the elections only a couple of days from closing and fierce campaigning to be seen in Jita Park, how valuable are the CSM to CCP? Several developers have some strong words of endorsement they'd like you to hear.

"The CSM has provided us with invaluable feedback and insights both during the intense on-site sessions we've had but also through continuous communication throughout the year. The effort they've put into presenting and arguing for their cases has been a key factor in their transition to a meaningful stakeholder in the EVE project."
- CCP Zulu, Senior Producer of EVE Online

"The CSM are an invaluable stakeholder that help ensure CCP‘s focus on the current issues and concerns of EVE‘s most valuable person, the player. Constructive dialogue with the CSM is an important aspect of forging EVE‘s future vision and we celebrate the opportunity to involve player representatives in these discussions. Thus CSM membership is a responsibilty towards the voters first and foremost. The CSM will only be as good as the people that are voted into it. Choose your votes carefully!"
- CCP t0rfifrans, Creative Director of EVE Online

"I don't think any single external group has had such a strong influence on CCP, EVE and how we work as a company. And they are made stronger by your vote."
- CCP Oveur, Executive Producer

"When I was at the CSM 5 Summit in Reykjavik last December, I was greatly impressed with both the passion and the wealth and breadth of information about EVE Online the representatives brought to the table. They collectively challenged me to look at EVE Online in a different way and help me hear the voices of the players more quickly. The CSM is an important elected body, and players would be remiss not to take advantage of this important opportunity to speak with us directly, face-to-face!"
- CCP Fallout, Associate Community Manager

"The CSM is such a valuable resource for us. Sitting down at a table with them, we don't just see nine faces looking back at us. We don't even see the 350,000+ current subscribers. Rather, we see every person who has ever entered New Eden because that is truly what these Councilors represent. They are the warp-threads that hold the fabric of EVE together with their passion, dedication and candor."
- CCP Pann, Sr. Director of PR & Communications

The elections close on the 22nd of March at 23:59 UTC. Make sure your ballot is in the box before then! Click here to see the candidate list and cast your vote, don't let this opportunity to have an impact on the future of EVE go to waste!

 - CCP Diagoras