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The Eve Fanfest 2008 PvP Tournament!

2008-07-25 - By CCP Claw

This year’s fanfest PvP tournament will be a competition like no other. It will shake your perception of combat to its core, redefine the way you think about making other people explode, and force you to think long and hard about how to fit your ship.

Yes, pod pilots of New Eden, at the Eve Fanfest 2008 you will have the opportunity to experience firsthand...

The Super Ultimate Eve Online Mining Tournament of Awesomeness

Now, before you start worrying that we’re going to make you sit in a team of barges and see who can activate their strip miners faster, I'll give you an outline of the rules:

The Super Ultimate Eve Online Mining Tournament of Awesomeness: Rules Overview

  • Teams are composed of five players, all of whom will have ‘super characters’ with every skill at level 5.* Each team will be allowed to field a maximum of four tech 1 frigates and one tech 1 cruiser. All basic, un-named tech 1 modules, rigs, drones (including remote repair drones) and ammo will be allowed, with the exception of ECM drones and remote repair modules.* The combat zone will be laid out like so:

  • The distance between the station and the warp-in point on both sides will be 3au, and the distance between each object in the arena itself will be 20km.* Combat will only be allowed in the arena around the asteroids. Combat will not be allowed outside the stations.* The objective of the tournament will be to see who can get the most points worth of ore into their Rorqual in the space of fifteen minutes. Any method within the rules can be used to accomplish this and stop your opponent from doing the same. Mining ore for yourself, killing enemy miners and looting their wrecks, stealing from enemy jetcans, or just outright destroying the opposing team are all within the rules. The Rorquals will be corporation locked to each team so stealing from them will not be possible.* Each stored unit of Arkonor is worth 500 points, each unit of Gneiss is worth 100 points, and each unit of Veldspar is worth 1 point.* Ships are all replaceable. You may, at any point, warp to your home base and pick up a replacement ship, or switch the one you are currently piloting for a new ship.

And there you have it, the basics of this year’s PvP tournament!

The full, official, detailed rules for the tournament will be posted in late August along with signup information. Hopefully this overview has piqued your interest and it contains all of the rules necessary for you to be able to start considering setups and tactics. The full rules will contain more specifics of the arena and how the guidelines will be enforced, but none of the essentials should change.

So we’ll be back soon with that final update – and until then, may the sound of many practising Miner I’s ring out among the stars!

-CCP Claw