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The EVE Invasion World Tour Begins - EVEsterdam Megablog

2019-03-14 - By CCP Falcon

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Glorious capsuleers,

The time is almost upon us to kick off the longest and most crazy chain of events in the history of EVE gatherings.

That’s right, next weekend the EVE World Tour begins in Amsterdam, with the inaugural event – EVEsterdam 2019!

Right now, we’re working feverishly here at CCP headquarters to put the finishing touches on the event, and we’re happy to say that we can now reveal a whole pile of information about what’s going to be happening at EVEsterdam this year.

A New Sponsor Appears!

We’re delighted to announce that we have a new sponsor who’ll be joining us for EVEsterdam 2019.

As a long-term fan of their peripherals, I’m super stoked and proud to announce that CORSAIR will be sponsoring EVEsterdam 2019, providing hardware for hosting the Invasion World Tour Tournament at EVEsterdam as well as all manner of goodies as prizes and giveaways for our livestreaming efforts.

We’re super happy to have CORSAIR on board and who knows, maybe we even stand a chance of shedding some glorious RGB color and light on the dark, dystopian world of New Eden!

The EVE Invasion World Tour

The first of many, EVEsterdam forms the start of a chain of events that will see internet spaceships travel the globe, reaching more players than ever before.

This year we’ll be taking the celebration of all things New Eden on the road, visiting all the locations in the image above on the dates displayed.

We can’t wait to get out there, give you more information about what’s coming to New Eden, raise a glass or ten and talk shop about all things internet spaceships.

So, Who's Coming?

We’ve got a substantial list of devs that are coming out to Amsterdam for this event, check out the list below for more details!

Some regular faces and some newbies who’re experiencing their first ever EVE related event (be gentle with them!)

  • CCP Curtis
  • CCP Ruffige
  • CCP Guard
  • CCP Dopamine
  • CCP Tara
  • CCP Goodfella
  • CCP Bjorn
  • CCP Oracle
  • CCP Burger
  • CCP Grendel
  • CCP Lulli
  • CCP Psych
  • CCP Bartender
  • CCP Fozzie
  • GM Archduke
  • CCP Ghost
  • CCP Falcon
  • CCP Knight

(Sorry Bam, this image never gets old <3)

What’s going on?

EVEsterdam marks the start of the EVE World Tour, and to kick things off we’ll be revealing some of our plans for 2019 and giving more details of what’s coming up throughout the year for EVE Online.

We’ll also have a little more information on what’s coming up in later World Tour events and the whole thing will be livestreamed, so if you can’t make it, you won’t miss any of the action.

(Well, apart from the partying and shenanigans, so you should totally come.)

The Program

The EVEsterdam program is now set, so here’s a list of sessions that’ll be occurring over the course of the two-day program.

Please be aware that all times are local time in Amsterdam, which is one hour ahead of EVE Time (UTC).

(Click to enlarge!)

Day One – Saturday March 23rd

  • 10:00 (09:00 EVE Time) – Doors Open – Registration

Meet up with your wingmen, grab a drink, and grab your access pass!

  • 11:30 (10:30 EVE Time) – EVE World Tour Opening Ceremony

CCP Falcon, CCP Guard and CCP Dopamine kick off the EVE World tour with the EVEsterdam Opening Ceremony

  • __12:30 (11:30 EVE Time) – Lunch __

Nom nom nom?

  • 13:30 (12:30 EVE Time) – EVE Keynote

The EVE Keynote for EVEsterdam will be hosted by CCP Burger, Creative Director for EVE Online. Come along to find out more about what's coming up in 2019 for New Eden.

  • 14:30 (13:30 EVE Time) – The EVE Dev Team Variety Hour

Join CCP Fozzie for a presentation discussing some of the features and improvements coming soon to EVE Online. This presentation will provide updates on the ongoing work in the areas of game balance, war declarations, quality of life, and more!

  • 15:30 (14:30 EVE Time)– Running Red vs Blue Fleets

Red vs Blue director Zenn Tsai talks about how to run fleets, especially in the context of the Red vs Blue eternal war.

  • 16:30 (15:30 EVE Time) – 3rd Party Developer Panel

Check out this panel for questions and answers on all things third party development with CCP Bartender and CCP Fozzie.

  • 17:30 (16:30 EVE Time) – The Agency & Activity Tracker Panel

Come along to this panel for more information on the Activity Tracker and The Agency, as well as a sneak peak of some updates that are coming soon.

  • 21:00 – Drinks @ EVEsterdam

The first night of EVEsterdam will see devs and players relax at the EVEsterdam venue, with an open bar for several hours before many attendees no doubt head into town for more shenanigans and coffee!

(Click to enlarge!)

Day Two – Sunday March 24th

  • 10:00 (09:00 EVE Time) – Doors Open

Breakfast? Recovering from drinks?

  • 11:30 (10:30 EVE Time)– Gaming Addiction – Management & Prevention

Jeff's personal story on unhealthy gaming habits, how to spot it and how to stop it from getting out of hand.

  • 12:30 (11:30 EVE Time) – Lunch

More nom nom nom.

  • 13:30 (12:30 EVE Time) – Incredible Data, Incredible Experiences

Come along to this presentation to explore how EVE forms such deep and meaningful connections for its pilots. CCP Ghost will share some insights into the EVE machine that deal with behaviors, wars, elite players, friendships and incredible stories that break the boundaries between the EVE Universe and reality.

  • 14:30 (13:30 EVE Time) – The Glorious CCP AMA – EVEsterdam Edition

This is probably a really bad idea, but come along and ask questions anyway. This session will be a free form AMA with all the devs attending EVEsterdam who're brave enough to answer questions about their favorite flavor of ice cream, most embarassing EVE moment or most loathed ship. What could possibly go wrong?

  • 15:30 (14:30 EVE Time) – EVEsterdam Invasion Tournament Series Final Stages

These two hours will be reseved for the final stages of the Invasion Tournament Series at EVEsterdam, where a lucky pair of pilots will be victorious, winning a trip to Fanfest 2020!

  • 17:30 (16:30 EVE Time) – EVEsterdam Closing Ceremony

The saddest part of any event is always the closing ceremony. Come join CCP Falcon, CCP Guard and CCP Dopamine as we look back on EVEsterdam and cry about having to head back to a barren rock in the North Atlantic.

  • 21:00 – The Friendship Cruise

Drinks, hundreds of Capsuleers. A boat. Really, what could possibly go wrong?

The Invasion Tournament Series

The Invasion Tournament Series will be following the EVE World Tour around the globe for events at most of the locations on the World Tour schedule.

The first 2v2 single elimination tournament will be at EVEsterdam this year, with the lucky winners securing a place to duke it out at Fanfest 2020 for the title of World Champions.

The winners of the EVEsterdam leg of the Invasion Tournament Series will win a trip to Fanfest 2020 so that they can fight for the crown live in Reykjavik next year.

For full details of the Invasion Tournament Series and to find out more about signups and rules, head on over to the Invasion Tournament Series devblog, by CCP Dopamine.

The Livestream

We’re incredibly proud to once again be partnering with Streamfleet, an amazing group of capsuleers from across the globe who’ll be assisting with the hosting of our livestreaming efforts for the whole of the EVE World Tour this year.

The whole EVEsterdam presentation and panel schedule will be streamed live on the CCP twitch channel, with additional content and interviews during breaks for lunch at the EVEsterdam venue.

Stay tuned to the CCP twitch channel for more details on the EVEsterdam livestream and check out the schedule below!

The Friendship Cruise

Hundreds of capsuleers. Many drinks. One boat. What could possibly go wrong?

To round out EVEsterdam we’ll be taking all attendees who’d like to come along on a Friendship Cruise on the majestic waters of Amsterdam.

We’ll board the Friendship starting at 20:15 at Pier 14 beside Amsterdam Centraal Station, then at 21:00 we’ll set sail and host a party on board.

We expect to be back at Amsterdam Centraal by 22:45 or so, allowing pilots to disembark at this time, or spend through until midnight on board to continue the party.

This party is at no extra cost to attendees – as soon as you have your ticket for EVEsterdam, you’re automatically welcomed on board!

We’re looking forward to welcoming hundreds of capsuleers to EVEsterdam this year and are working closely with the original organizers and founders to make sure that the event stays as awesome as ever.

It’s going to be amazing to be back at an event that has continued to grow and evolve since its inception more than half a decade ago, so if you haven’t already picked up your tickets, then be sure to head on over to the EVEsterdam Eventbrite page for more details on how you can grab them today!

We’ll see you there!


CCP Falcon On Behalf Of The EVE Invasion World Tour Team