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The EVE Store – “Look at all those wonderful toys!”

2010-06-09 - By CCP Rhayger

To celebrate the recent launch of Tyrannis, we are also launching a newly revamped EVE Online Store. We have completely overhauled the Web UI and the store's organization to make it easier for you to find products and complete your orders. This includes: purchasing EVE related merchandise, subscribing to EON magazine or learning about products available with partners such as J!NX.

In addition, we will be bringing new products to you on a more frequent basis, including new apparel, posters, collectibles and the new EVE novel The Burning Life by our own Hjalti Daníelsson. Currently, we have a wide variety of cool stuff available, from t-shirts and hats, to shot glasses, to posters and the EVE: Conquests board game. We are constantly talking to vendors about new product ideas we can explore, but if you have any suggestions or ideas we would love to hear them.

We also are working hard to make the shopping experience better. This includes significant revamps behind the scenes to make sure orders are processed quickly and efficiently. We are working on a better variety of shipping options, including the addition of USPS shipping. Now, USPS shipping does not have the tracking options that are available with our current FedEX based options, but it does give you a cheaper alternative to consider.

We have spent considerable time exploring shipping/processing partners we can work with in Europe to give us lower shipping costs there. However, all the partners we have talked in great detail with (big and small) would actually end up being more expensive to you when a variety of factors are added up. European shipping and processing is something we are continuing to look at, and if we can find other options that fit logistically we will pursue them as we know shipping costs are important to you. There’s not a lot we can do about customs and VAT taxes, unfortunately; orders are still subject to whatever duties destination countries impose, but if there are any other elements of the process we can make better let us know. You can always contact the store staff at and we will do our best to assist you.

We now have both Facebook and Twitter feeds to broadcast the latest news about upcoming products, sales and discounts. There will be more frequent and interesting sales and discounts coming and this is just another way we can keep you better informed about all things EVE.

EVE Store Twitter Feed

EVE Online Facebook Page

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