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The first Outpost, foundation for a new empire.

2005-08-20 - By Svarthol

In the system 5P-AIP it can be found, the privately owned outpost of Ascendant Frontier. It looks compact but can house the entire alliance and has all the luxuries a lonely pilot could want, including Quafe and a brothel, advertising in neon pink of course.

A short interview was granted by Prometheus Wrong, the man who gave the station and the entire project its name. It was not so much as a project but more a mission that demanded the time of every alliance member, it asked for more then the usual work hours and people slaved for their new home. The total costs of the outpost are around the 26 billion. Every corporation who wanted an office had to bid at least 1 billion in a private auction. The costs are enough to dazzle even the richest but the entire operation of moving the components needed for the outpost is another story. One that required 2 freighters and 3 days to move all the components from empire into 0.0 space, after that it took less then 14 hours to haul it to the platform.
'Prometheus Wrong > I'm very proud of our alliance for its ability to rally when called, for combat or otherwise. When the word goes out, people come. Things get done. ASCN is good like that'

The reason to build the outpost was clear, it was needed. It would make the exploitation of resources easier, it would be excellent as a strategic advantage point. A POS only posed a temporary solution and could be used as a base but a more lasting solution was needed, one that really imposed the presence of ASCN on the area.

The construction is not without risk, ASCN found out that the platform was vulnerable to attack and reinforced their security around the system using mobile warp disrupters and more combat personnel. The Mercenary Coalition who are hired to attack ASCN made their suicide attack then and there. During the phase of hauling the components from empire to 0.0 space they posed no mentionable threat. Another setback for ASCN was when they discovered the refining capabilities of the Minmatar model outpost were less then expected.
'Prometheus Wrong > Finding out how poorly it refined was devastating, especially because all the prepatory work had been done and the platform and materials were in feythabolis.'
Prometheus admitted that if they had been aware of the poor refining capabilities they would have chosen a superior model of outpost. Prometheus even warns others to rethink their plans for an outpost when they have profit only on their minds 'even considering the richness of the area, and the likely heavy mining that will occur, the 10% refining tax would take nearly TWO YEARS to pay for itself'.

Regardless of the poor refining capabilities Ascendant Frontier is overjoyed. 'Prometheus Wrong > To be the owners of an outpost at all feels phenomenally good. These sorts of structures, the ones that let us develop our territory and change how people live in our space are what many of us dreamed of when we started our career. They open up new areas to exploitation, create a sense of pride and attachment for alliance members, and provide important strategic control capabilities. Outposts are not about generating profit...they are about laying down the foundation to build an empire.'

Comments from local residents when asked about their new home range from 'wonderful and well worth the effort' to 'the girls are friendly' others view it as a monument of strength and endless possibility, to the hardworking miners it's a welcome home to return to after a days work in the belts.

The reactions all show that an outpost is not an easy task to set yourself to, it takes careful planning, financial resources, pilots goodwill and their blood, sweat and tears. The rewards are there though, a sense of accomplishment, a place to call home, a goal for the entire alliance that will unite and inspire all.

Before you rush off to view the outpost for yourself, be advised that ASCN still maintains a Kill on Sight policy for all neutral people. They won’t enforce this policy very heavily the first few days to allow curious visitors to pass, Prometheus advises to look as non-threatening as possible. Ascension seems very aware that having the first Outpost will turn them into a target and has called for extra combat personnel. It's their home, every compartment hauled and built by them in person, they are proud and intend to call their own for a long time.