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The Great Fedo Hunt Fest (The fest formerly known as the Fan Fest)

2004-07-15 - By CCP Oveur

That's right, our marketing department* is finalizing preparations for flights, hotels and entertainment for the Great Fedo Hunt Fest. Well, we still have to find a Fedo to hunt, but I'm confident I'm hairy enough to be it ... uhm, I mean. Never mind.

It's scheduled to be from the 21st to the 24th of October, the same weekend as the Iceland Airwaves festival. The Fedo Hunt travel package will include flight, hotel and an all access pass to the Iceland Airwaves festival, that takes place in the center of Reykjavik. If you are interested in participating, I'd appreciate an reply to this post with "FEDO" in it, it helps us secure more hotels and flights if need be.

The draft schedule for the Great Fedo Hunt starts Friday with an Iceland Airwaves event that includes RealX, the composer of the ingame music in EVE and some "festivities" to go with that. Saturday then commences with the Great Fedo Hunt early afternoon with mingling sessions, presentations and panel discussions along with some sneak peaks into the future, ending with drinks, snacks and more drinks, a lottery for rare signed items and so on and so forth.

After the formal snacks and drinks and a breather, we continue with the Great Fedo Hunt Party in downtown Reykjavik, where we have some competitions between the devs and players along with a VERI SIKRIT world product launch**. After competitions and some usage of previously mentioned product, the formal party goes on until midnight, then blending in with the Iceland Airwaves festival and the infamous Reykjavik nightlife that usually lasts to about 07:00 (and then some).

On Sunday, some sightseeing tours will be available, where you can go to the Blue Lagoon and other places of interest. Actually very handy place to go to after an eventful night - and they sell refreshments there too. Lastly, we are arranging this with Icelandair , and the preliminary packages (they will get cleared up in the next days) that includes flights from some of the Icelandair destinations, hotel and Airwaves pass is 550 USD flying from the US (2 nights) or 445 GBP flying from the UK (3 nights) and does not include Fedo Hunting Pass. We're trying to get more destinations from Europe into this and you could get cheaper packages with shared accomodation.

An EVE media center will also be open during the weekend in one of the downtown coffeehouses, with wireless internet access, computers to use, CCP staff and some bling bling. More detailed information will arrive over the next days, where you will be able to formally sign up and buy the package. And It's really not called the Great Fedo Hunt, I just thought the name was kewl and sneaked it passed marketing and into the blog =D

Update: We're waiting for confirmation on Icelandair packages from the other EU destinations. We're hoping to get Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt along with Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

  • You really really do not want Marketing fixing bugs, so don't worry, we're not wasting time
    ** Stated product has got nothing to do with software