The Microsoft Excel add-in is coming! | EVE Online

The Microsoft Excel add-in is coming!

2023-06-16 - By EVE Online Team

Excellent capsuleers,

Enhance your EVE Online experience with the upcoming free add-in for Microsoft Excel, launching on 20 June. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all the beta testers who provided invaluable feedback during the development of this add-in.

Accessing in-game data effortlessly and seamlessly integrating with Excel, this powerful add-in empowers decision-making and ensures accessibility for everyone, without requiring any programming knowledge. Import your in-game data across all accounts and characters as well as your corporation data directly into Excel using the EVE API. Once your data is imported, unlock Excel's full potential with robust analysis and visualization tools. Create custom reports, graphs, and charts to gain deep insights into your in-game activities, track your progress, and strategize your next steps. Gain insights into asset location, item value, market orders, item prices, wallet transactions, skills, and corporation finances (with required roles), enabling informed decision-making.

The EVE Online add-in will be available for free in the Microsoft Store as of June 20th, so prepare to spread(sheet) your wings!