The Reign of Castor has ended - EXODUS is here | EVE Online

The Reign of Castor has ended - EXODUS is here

2004-11-24 - By Svarthol

The Promised Lands await your arrival. The deployment of EXODUS went through without any major problems, you can read the patch notes here. Biggest gameplay issue is regarding Contraband and Agent missions. BEWARE THAT THEY MIGHT GIVE YOU CONTRABAND, which they shouldn't except under special circumstances (Black Market Offers). Contact customer support if you encountered this and got blown to pieces. Be sure to check our Knowledge Base for further information. We suggest you keep long skill training on, it's going to be a bumpy ride for the next few days as there are always unforeseen issues with a deployment of this size.

Known issues are mainly connected to the immense bandwidth usage for the patch download. We tripled our mirror bandwidth but that was obviously not enough. We are gathering more mirrors to divert bandwidth from the game cluster to address this. This manifests in such ways as disconnectes, getting stuck (black screen), crashes to desktops and ingame lag. There are also a number of users that are experiencing technical problems with the EXODUS client, resulting in black or garbled login screens and crashes preventing play and we are working fevereshly to solve this.