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The Second Chance Express - Amarr Nuns Rescue Ejected Passengers

2009-10-22 - By Svarthol

Niarja, Domain - Humans that are being spaced and left for dead are given a second chance at life by rescuers from the Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine [SHOSK].

Nuns from the Order have been shepherding stranded space travellers back to safety after they have been left out in the cold by their previous captains.

Louella Dougans of SHOSK revealed that the nuns pick up between 100 and 300 stranded space travellers in a typical week. “I come across them quite often, particularly at stargates” she said. “The Niarja-Kaaputenen gate frequently has people thrown overboard from passing ships. I have rescued over 500 from that one system.” She explained her theory that the gate's position on the main route from Amarr to Jita made it a popular dumping ground for unwanted passengers.

The nuns claim to ask no material payment for their services. “The only reward we hope to get is a promise from the rescuees to try and be better [people]”. The nuns do not discriminate between the people they save and will rescue all races, faiths and occupations.

The nuns take all the refugees safely to the closest station with medical facilities; in the case of Niarja this is the Ministry of Assessment Bureau Offices at Bahrombab V. According to Sister Dougans, some of the passengers require medical attention. “Not so much physically, but mentally. Being left to drift in space puts a lot of strain on people… claustrophobia and such. I'm no medical expert though.”

“It often comes as a great surprise to others, especially Minmatar, that a religious Amarr can be compassionate. I'd been looking for something to do and it dawned on me that rescuing people in need was one of the best things to do, as capsuleers have a bad reputation. Maybe this sort of thing will help to show [people that] capsuleers aren't all monsters”.

The Amarr faith's following has grown in recent times, expanding into new regions. A recent survey from the Republic University reported that the belief has even gained a foothold in the Minmatar Republic, in the form of improvised churches catering to small communities, but the religion and its adherents continue to be treated with suspicion, if not outright hate. The Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine's programme to rescue jettisoned passengers does not, so far, seem to have impacted the scepticism with which their beliefs are regarded, but it will almost certainly be well regarded by the faith's existing adherents.

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