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The second CSM X summit - meeting minutes included

2016-02-26 - By CCP Guard

The second summit for CSM 10 took place in Reykjavík February 15-18. Six delegates joined us in Iceland, others remotely, attending four days of meetings hosted at CCP headquarters.

All in all we believe the summit went well. Aside from regular sessions on a wide range of topics, we had a capital ship playtest session with the on-site and remote attendees and we got meaningful feedback on the new capital and fighter squadron mechanics. The common sentiment among the CSM was that having that hands-on experience makes future discussions a lot more focused and productive. We also had a two hour workshop session on the new in-game camera with a couple of the CSM members on the Friday following the summit. Both sides felt very good about the session afterwards and in general we’re keen to look for further opportunities for this hands-on approach when we can.

As always, the meeting marathon left us thankful to those who made the difficult trip, or stayed up at weird hours to remotely attend, contributing hour after hour to the effort.

Changes in CSM management

In the week leading up to the summit CCP’s CSM management was transitioned to myself (CCP Guard) and CCP Logibro, both members of CCP’s community team. The transition was part of an overdue revitalization effort following a difficult few months where relations between CSM and CCP had deteriorated to a point where the CSM project would have been at risk without re-commitment and clear action on our end. Logibro and I had a lot to catch up on before the summit.

Together with the CSM, and with the help of key people internally, we managed to address much of the built-up sentiment of the past few months nd have a very productive string of meetings with the teams responsible for EVE, its producer crew, and some executives.

The positive energy of meeting face-to-face and talking in detail about all the topics detailed in the minutes below has been a great starting point for the rest of this CSM term. However, we will not allow ourselves at CCP to get dazzled by that positive momentum and lulled into complacency. It is on us to remember that nothing but consistent work and continued dedication will keep the CSM relationship working. In the coming weeks and months, we will continue the process to maintain and evolve a strong role for the CSM in EVE Online. 

Summit meeting minutes

Please find the meeting minutes for each of the summit sessions HERE.

The future and CSM elections

The elections for CSM XI start Monday February 29th. 53 candidates will be on the ballot following due diligence security and document checks. All candidates have been notified and we wish every single one of them good luck and look forward to working with the chosen ones.

We urge all active pilots to take a look at the candidate list and follow the campaign trails, interviews and propaganda. We encourage you to vote for the ones that best represent your vision for EVE, and for those who you think will work diligently, and with integrity, towards improving the universe you inhabit.

Here is the list of candidates for CSM XI:

Alner Greyl
Borat Guereen
Capri Sun KraftFoods
Christy Cloud
commander aze
Diana Olympos
DoToo Foo
Ed Bever
Erika Mizune
Falck Longbottom
Gorski Car
Harry Saq
Joffy Aulx-Gao
John Ellsworth
Jugular Vein
Kane Carnifex
Kyle Aparthos
Lorelei Ierendi
Mining Forman
Mr Hyde113
Nashh Kadavr
Niko Lorenzio
Nikolai Agnon
RF Gnaeus Crassus
Steve Ronuken
Sullen Decimus
Terandria Starsong
The Judge
Tora Bushido
Toxic Yaken
Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci
Utari Onzo
Vic Jefferson
Viceran Phaedra
Xavier Azabu

Thank you for reading and may your votes strike true.