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The Uprising - Shaping New Eden's Future

2013-02-28 - By CCP Zulu

You’ve all seen the news. There’s a weird and unnerving vibe in the air. The Empires all seem to be having their own crisis and it’s starting to seep out into our world. Every week seemingly random events are happening. Random violence and random retribution. I didn’t make the connections at first. Now that I do I wish I hadn’t started looking.

The increase in events, news and chronicles you’ve seen over the past couple of months isn’t a coincidence. There is something meaningful happening and you’re all invited to take part. We are evolving and maturing the universe of New Eden and in true EVE fashion you, the players, are at the forefront of making it happen.

What is Uprising?

There is a new and unstable element being introduced to the EVE Universe: the DUST 514 mercenary. The full impact of these new immortal soldiers is yet to be felt but considering the force they project it’s only a matter of time before the pot boils over.

Through Live EventsNews ArticlesChronicles and, soon, other avenues, you can follow and engage in the ongoing evolution of the EVE storyline whether your fight is amongst the stars or on the planets.

We’ve already shaken the world. What happens next?                                                         

If you want to get involved or tune in, follow our live events channel on Twitter, like our Facebook page, keep an eye on the news stream and most importantly, stay vigilant.

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