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Third CSM election under way. What has the CSM done so far?

2009-05-17 - By CCP Xhagen

The election for the third Council of Stellar Management has started!

This blog is about why you should vote. I am not a man of many words so I will simply list nine topics that the CSM has brought up and how they have been implemented. Each topic is linked to their respective wiki entry in order to allow readers to read more on the issues that most interest them.

Presented are the issues in no particular order.

1.       Black Ops

  • Black Ops can now cyno into a cyno jammed system
  • Black Ops got an increased scan resolution
  • Black Ops got a decrease in recalibration time
  • Black Ops ships gained 100m3 to cargo bay capacity
  • Black Ops jump fuel cost has been reduced by 100 units per light year
  • Blockade Runners can use Covert Jump portals, meaning they can act as support for the Black Ops

2.       Skill training queue

3.       Ship fitting

  • Apocrypha's new fitting screen allows you to save fittings, press one button to fit your ship according to a saved fitting and more 

4.       Incentivizing 0.0

  • Although no definite timeframe has been decided upon for changes to 0.0 POS/SOV matters to be addressed, these superb suggestions have helped the design team to further realize what to change and how

5.       Database exports 

  • These updates are now much more frequent and more manageable due to them being relocated to the Evelopedia 

6.       Probe communications 

  • The new probing system deployed in Apocrypha took these comments into account as can be read about here 

7.       Assembly array improvements 

  • The production slots were increased to six and the time multiplier set to 0.75

8.       Apocrypha - Probing 

  • Initial reactions by the CSM to the new probing system in Apocrypha. Several steps have already been taken to address these concerns such as:
  • Remote bookmarking of 100% signature hits
  • Sorting and identification of results
  • Scanning logic changed so that short range scan will always be of equal or greater results than longer range scans

9.       CSM should vote its own chair 

  • The CSM white paper has been clarified so that the highest tallying member can step down and hold elections within the CSM to select the chair

This list does not include the items already numerated in a previous blog, such as Security Standing hits for high sec attacks, the Orca and Weapon Grouping.

Visit the Assembly Hall forum channel to read up on the candidates' stance and then pop right over to the voting booth and cast your vote. The voting closes the 26th of May.

Vote because you can;

vote because it does make a difference.