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Those Endless Days!

2009-06-08 - By CCP Chronotis

The march towards the summer solstice is fast paced in Iceland.  For those of us used to more moderate latitudes, the vast amount of daylight can be good and bad.  On the one hand we get to go golfing at midnight if so desired in certain parts, on the other it can play havoc with your circadian rhythm and you find yourself writing blogs at unusual hours.

The Days of Apocrypha

Apocrypha has seen two big patches to date.  We have seen the introduction of the fourth variation subsystems with some unique abilities which created a lot of interest in the strategic cruisers.  There was also a set of changes to a range of old and pressing design issues such as the Naglfar revamp which saw it gain some of its pride back (its freakin' vertical after all right :p) and citadel torpedoes not taking several minutes to reach their targets any longer alongside a bunch of other good changes large and small.

Of course, you are all capable of reading patch notes and know all this already so it's time to look forward and talk about some of the upcoming changes in the next big Apocrypha patch.

Spill already!

Apocrypha has been out for a little over three months and we have been watching the intrepid explorers amongst you venture into the unknown through the mysterious wormholes and bring forth the next technological revolution New Eden has witnessed and tackle the ancient sleepers.   It is this we want to focus on in this blog with a set of changes which will increase the supply of tech III production materials.

Advances in Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering gets most of our love in this patch.   What was clear is that we have plentiful material supply besides a few exceptions and the available blueprints and materials for reverse engineering were lacking.  

Intact and malfunctioning relics will now reflect the greater ease with which the ancient technology can be melded with the current technology within experimental laboratories using these relics.  The number of runs each blueprint will have has been greatly increased on these two making them much more valuable to acquire.

In addition the useful data gathered during reverse engineering which can lead to datacores or hybrid tech decryptors has been increased so any outcome will be more fruitful especially in meeting the overall costs of reverse engineering.

Availability of Datacores and Decryptors

The datacores needed for reverse engineering have been generally increased in potential supply.  The numbers you will get from wormhole sites and the numbers of those sites has been increased which will lead to a much greater supply of datacores and should lower the reverse engineering costs significantly.

Fullerite Volumes

Some of the fullerites have had their volume reduced which will lead to a much faster mining rate and less transportation costs for some of the gases.  Easing a little the effort it takes to get the gases back to known space and the marketplace.

Sleeper Salvage Changes

There has been a set of changes to the amounts of each type possible from a sleeper wreck.  The rate at which some types are dropped has been changed which will lead to easing of some bottlenecks and some parts which were being salvaged too frequently.

Change to Fulleroferrocene Power Conduits material requirements

The Carbon-86 Epoxy Resin material requirement has been switched to Scandium Metallofullerene for the power conduits.  This is one of the more significant changes which will ease the pressure on carbon-86 a lot and the burgeoning costs of acquiring the gases for making carbon-86.

In closing

That wraps up the tech III production changes for the upcoming patch which are focused around reducing the costs of producing the subsystems and hulls.  Feedback is as ever welcome and we will post when these changes arrive on Singularity for testing.  On the drawngboard we have a lot more to come for wormhole space and looking at some of the subsystems roles and bonuses in the future. 

Ave - Chronotis