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Timeline of Escalating Tensions

2008-05-26 - By Svarthol

Tensions have been rising among the Empires as events of the past weeks continue to unfold. In this article we will follow the timeline leading up to and following these events, and find out how pilots allied with these factions are reacting.

14th May 14:38 – Otro Gariushi the CEO of the Ishukone Corporation announced tomorrow's Malkalen Economic Summit to be held with representatives of the Gallente Federation in hope that it would “promote healing between [the] nations”.

15th May 11:29 – The Gallente Federation delegation fleet arrives in the Malkalen system, including a Nyx-class super carrier piloted by Admiral Alexander Noir. The Summit delegation departs the carrier in a shuttle, and boards the station. An embrace between Otro Gariushi and Wadis Chene (Federation Economic Minister) marks the start of the conference.

15th May 12:49 – The Gallente Federation Nyx collides with the Ishukone Headquaters causing a massive explosion, and resulting in a fire fight between the remaining Gallente escort ships and Caldari forces. Logs from the local subspace channel in the Malkalen system later confirm that the collision was a deliberate action by the Nyx pilot, Admiral Alexander Noir.

Dame Digby, a Gallente pilot made this comment on GalNet: “I would say what a waste. A waste not only of resources, which are becoming ever more precious with capsuleer wars, but of human life. Both Gallente and Caldari were aboard the station I presume. Both our nations have been struck by this act, this should be an action which unifies us, not divides us.”

When asked where he was at the time of the incident a Caldari pilot named Jude Kopenhagen said: “I was busy moving some goods for a Caldari agent of mine. I heard the report moments after it happened I believe. To be honest, I was not surprised that something happened; the Summit was a prime chance for any with a hidden vendetta to strike. But still... the nature of the incident was a shock.”

15th May 19:26 – The Ishukone Corporation officially launches its disaster relief program, and comments on the severely disrupted chain of command. This program is in addition to the efforts made by other organizations and pod pilots starting, including the Sisters of EVE.

Stitcher, one of the pod pilots involved in the relief effort, said this about his involvement: “Simple - Ishukone's 'my' corporation. My family's worked for that megacorp for generations - I clone jumped up the instant I heard about the attack”.

16th May 17:43 – The Ishukone Corporation releases a statement revealing the sequence of events leading up to the catastrophe, as well as announcing the death of their CEO Otro Gariushi. The current death toll is also released, standing at 421,000 lost station residents and visitors.

17th May 19:49 – The Amarr Theology Council officially announces an Empire-wide day of mourning following the events in Malkalen on the 15th.

19th May 10:30 – The Gallente Federation President, Souro Foiritan, officially denies any Federation involvement with the “monstrous act”, and offers assistance to those in need.

Jude Kopenhagen, a Caldari pilot, was not impressed with the response: “[Concerning] the rather late response... although I have no reason to not believe it, it was not everything I expected. I believe they did not even apologise, but just shifted blame.”

20th May 19:53 – A number of mercantile vessels of Amarr origin are destroyed while within the borders of Minmatar space. The Parliamentary Minister for Internal Security, Shokur Geruth, distanced the Minmatar government from the attacks by confirming that there was no involvement by either the Republic Fleet or any of their law enforcement agencies.

An Admiral within the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris organisation, Rodj Blake, was disdainful about this recent event: “Yes, [it was] a terrible crime and I hope that the Republic will take appropriate action against the perpetrators. If they don't, then I can see Amarrian military ships escorting future merchant convoys there.”

21st May 13:39 –Warring factions in The Bleak Lands continue to step up their activity as greater numbers of Minmatar militias enter the combat zone. The Minmatar Republic government continues to deny allegations of involvement with those fighting in that area.

22nd May 15:02 – At a CONCORD Assembly meeting, representatives of the Amarr Empire read a statement accusing the Minmatar Republic of secretly supporting militias within The Bleak Lands. This statement was the result of what they claim is a growing body of evidence proving that the militias are actually based in controlled Minmatar Republic space. The statement was heckled by Federation and Republic delegations, and followed by a strong rebuttal from the Minmatar speaker.

Biggus Tankus a mercenary, and staunch supporter of the Minmatar Republic, had this to say about the Amarrian accusation: “They have always accused us of this [type of aggression]. When its obviously not us involved, they try to shift the blame so they don't look inept.”

22nd May 15:42 – Exercise ‘Brotherhood’ begins in Metropolis, marking the start of the largest joint military exercise ever undertaken between the Federation Navy and Republic Fleet. This is met with a hostile reaction from both the Caldari State, and Amarr Empire, who view the exercise as both disturbing in the wake of the recent Malkalen disaster, and an unnecessary effort to “rattle sabres”.

“I'm having trouble understanding their motives.” Said Stitcher, a pilot involved with the Malkalen relief effort. “I understand the need for military efficiency, but a joint operation near our border territories, so soon after such a cataclysm? Either they don't care, or they're paranoid.”

Biggus Tankus has rather a different view: “Who cares what they think, it’s a step in the right direction in my opinion, a show of force to show we're not as backwards as they like to think.”