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Titan and Two Motherships Downed in E-OGL4

2008-10-30 - By Svarthol

Northern Coalition and Greater BoB Community forces met in battle on the 26th and 27th of this month in the E-OGL4 star system. Over 1,000 pilots were present during the exchanges and hundreds of ships were lost, including two GBC motherships and a GBC titan.

Despite some earlier setbacks, it appears that The GBC “Max Damage” offensive has been steadily advancing into the Tribute region via the Taisy/M-OEE8/E-OGL4 corridor. The NC has been successfully holding a defensive position in the next system of that corridor, 15W-GC.

On the night of the 26th, Shrike’s Avatar class titan was discovered and destroyed in E-OGL4 by a large Northern Coalition force. The ensuing rally by GBC forces and further reinforcement of NC forces combined into a large scale battle that claimed over 100 dreadnoughts, 20+ carriers, two motherships, and hundreds of battleships and support ships.

The GBC withdrew from the battlefield during both of the large scale fights on the 26th and 27th. Although the GBC surrendered the battlefields to NC salvagers, they still maintain a tight grip on the system.