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Titan Downed in Etherium Reach

2009-09-16 - By Svarthol

WPV-JN, Etherium Reach - Forces from VooDoo Technologies [VIP], Legion of xXDeathXx and Red Alliance brought down a Black Nova Corp [BNC] Erebus in WPV-JN on 10.09.111.

WPV-JN is currently held by VooDoo Technologies, who seized the system from Exalted. on the 14th of last month. Black Nova Corp had previously assaulted and removed a VooDoo Technologies tower from Moon 3 of Planet VI in the system, replacing it with one of their own.

When asked about his corporation's presence in the region, Coranor of Black Nova Corp explained "We are chilling, trying new things while the pressure is off and generally taking silly risks to get a fight that we can't do when something [important] is on the line.

"The tower was just bait for a fight. We weren't actually planning on dropping it but managed to kill the VooDoo tower that was on that moon previously and dropped one [of our own] to draw the fight."

VooDoo Technologies counter-attacked, putting the BNC tower into reinforced mode. The tower emerged from this invulnerable state on the 10th and a VooDoo Technologies force descended on the system to destroy it.

According to Krutoj of Legion of xXDeathXx, the VIP fleet found BNC carriers attempting to repair the tower and engaged them. Black Nova Corp sent in their titan, flown by BlackHawk69, and fired its doomsday device. Krutoj estimated that her allies lost approximately 10 battleships and a number of frigates.

VIP managed to tackle the titan and immediately called on their allies Legion of xXDeathXx and Red Alliance, with Ultima Rati0, LUCKY LEAGUE and Minor Threat. pilots also attending.

Coranor commented "It was bad timing jumping the titan in. It was just before the [tower] got stront in." (Strontium Clathrates are the fuel a control tower uses to sustain reinforced mode. Without it, a tower can be destroyed.)

Krutoj explained what happened next: "The Titan escaped by going inside the tower's shields and the carriers with it, but before all the carriers got inside, the Red Alliance cap fleet showed up and killed one or two (I forget); same with our support fleet."

VIP and their allies had set "bubbles" (mobile, anchorable warp disruption fields) all around the tower, so the titan and its escort were trapped inside the shields of an unfuelled, damaged tower. The sovereignty holders and their allies attacked the tower vigourously - the prospect of a titan kill had brought over 160 pilots to the system.

With the death of the tower, the titan and its escort were trapped with the bubbles and a sustained engagement ensued. Coranor noted that the titan and about half of their support fleet were plagued with system failures, but "...Either way, he was gonna go down." Many BNC members concurred, congratulating VIP and their allies on a good fight.

The modules fitted to BlackHawk69's titan harked back to the early days of titans, when there were only a very few being fielded and each was fitted with the most precious modules the owning alliance could fund. The downed Erebus' fitting was estimated at some 25 billion ISK in value, including incredibly rare modules customised for certain pirate officers. The vast majority of these artefacts were retrieved from the wreck by VIP and allied forces.

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